Quad Bike Accessories
In addition to our range of Yamaha Quad Machines, we also offer a full range of accessories not only for the machines, but also to help you to complete tasks around your property. We have a wide selection of Sprayers, Grass Cutters, Harrows, Spreaders and Trailers for Logic and C-Dax.

C-DAX Systems Limited is a specialist manufacturer of quad accessories from New Zealand. Quads have forged an indispensable identity as the management tool for farmers throughout the world. C-DAX has recognised the importance of Quads to farmers and added "practical agricultural capability" in the form of a range of functional accessories for farmers.

C-DAX provides a wide range of practical accessories for Quad Bikes and other Agricultural equipment. We have shown some of their products on this site, you can visit the main C-DAX site to see the full range that is available.

The quality and functionality designed into all C-DAX products have made them the first choice for farmers throughout the world. Click here to go to the web C-DAX site.

The Logic range includes many useful and practical accessories that lighten the load.

From simple trailers for general transport though to integrated modular systems that provide most of your needs, the Logic System is very flexible.

The range includes harrows, trailers, sprayers, grass cutters, muck collectors, bowsers and security equipment. Click here to go to the web Logic site

Please call for full details of the range or to order a brochure.

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